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Michaelmas Term

In the first half of this term, we will be looking at signs of Autumn and enjoying books such as The Little Red Hen and other traditional tales. The children will be making bread just like the Little Red Hen and enjoying Autumn walks to develop their Literacy skills. After half term our topic will be winter and different festivals when the children will learn about our own and other cultures, leading up to Christmas and The Nativity.  
In the afternoon we will be looking at different body parts and their functions. We will then move onto our topic ‘Food’. We will be learning about the origin and uses of some foods, discussing healthy eating and using our senses to explore what different foods smell, feel and taste like. After half term we will be looking at different materials and their properties. We will become scientists and carry out a variety of experiments to see what happens when we melt different substances and find out what happens when we mix water with different materials such as sand or cornflour. 
At first, we will be concentrating on developing basic reading, writing and numeracy skills but by the end of this term we hope that children in Reception will be able to:
• Recognise initial letter sounds
• Hold their pencil correctly
• Begin to write letters using the correct letter formation
• Recognise the first set of flashcards
• Be able to continue a rhyming string
• Recognise and write numbers to 10
• Understand the terms more and less when comparing numbers
• Recognise and discuss the properties of a circle, rectangle, square, triangle
• Use familiar objects and common shapes to create and recreate patterns and build models 

Lent Term

For the first half term we will have two themed weeks ‘Robots’ and ‘Potions’. As part of the Robot topic, children will be designing and making their own robot using a variety of materials. They will then name and describe their robot in simple sentences. We will then move onto designing robots with shapes and creating a pencil drawing of a robot in the style of the artist Terry Collier. When we move onto our potion week, children will have fun creating their very own potions, recipes and bottle labels. This topic will also include a visit to Sheffield Lyceum to watch ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’.

The topic in Literacy will be ‘Dinosaurs’, which will include discussing facts using non-fiction books and introducing riddles. After half term, we will move onto our topic ‘Mini-beasts’, when we will be reading a variety of fiction books and learning about the lifecycle of a frog and butterfly. This will also include regular afternoon visits to the Forest School where we will go on our very own mini-beast hunt, make a bug hotel and take part in pond dipping.

In Literacy we will be focusing on reading all Reception key words, spelling Set One Key Words and correct letter formation.  We will be revisiting the vowel digraphs ‘oo’ and ‘‘ee’ then learning to combine letters to recognise the sounds they make e.g. bl, tr.  In writing we will be encouraging the children to combine their sound knowledge to form and spell simple sentences.

In Numeracy we will be recognising different coins to the value of two pounds and making different values using pennies. We will continue to work on recognising and writing numbers to twenty then move onto using equipment to solve simple additions and subtractions. After half term, we will be looking at odd and even numbers and counting in steps of two and ten.

Our afternoon topic will start with ‘How toys move’. Then we will be learning about ‘People who help us’.  We are always looking for visitors to enhance the children’s knowledge and understanding. If you have any experiences or work in a related industry and you are willing to share your expertise, please let us know e.g. Vet, Police Officer, Fire Fighter etc. After half term, we will become scientists and carry out a variety of investigations to find out which materials will float or sink, and which are magnetic.



In Literacy, we will be focusing on reading and spelling all Reception key words. We will be learning to combine letters to recognise the sounds they make. These are the vowel digraphs which we will be using in our reading and writing. We will also be encouraging the children to combine their knowledge to form simple sentences independently. Children will be writing in different styles throughout the term. This will include fact writing, story, postcard, shopping list and speech bubbles. 
In Numeracy, we will be concentrating on recognising numbers to one hundred and forming all numbers correctly. The children will be introduced to halving numbers and doubling numbers. They also will be counting in steps of two, five and ten and looking at data handling. 
In the afternoon our Science topics in the first half term will be looking at signs of Spring, different parts of a plant and how plants grow. Children will also be growing cress and turning our garden area outside into a vegetable patch. We will then move onto looking at animal babies and their parents and learning why animals have stripes. This topic will include a visit to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park to look at habitats and learn more about animals at first hand. In the second half term we move onto learning about living and non-living things in the sky. This will then lead onto learning about the moon, astronauts and space. 
We will also be having three themed weeks during the term, ‘Popcorn’, ‘Castles and knights’ and ‘The Seaside’. Throughout these weeks children will complete a variety of activities covering all areas of the curriculum. We will finish the seaside themed week with a visit to the beach at Cleethorpes.