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Michaelmas Term

Michaelmas term begins by focussing on the recognition of the shapes circle, square, triangle and rectangle and touch counting up to five objects. The other areas of Nursery begin with a large focus on fine motor skills through a variety of fun based activities. This is a very important foundation to the first stages of pre writing skills. Many other activities will introduce the use of scissors for the children linked with the recognition of a rainbow of colour recognition.

Lent Term

Lent term we will be focussed on learning all about opposites. This term we will be introducing ‘Talking Time’.  Talking Time builds on pre-reading skills and helps to develop children’s language, understanding and listening skills. Completing the Talking Time activities will help to increase vocabulary which is an important building block for reading. It is also a chance to identify colours, shapes and introduce names of people, places, animals and everyday objects. In our Numeracy area we will be moving forward to work up to number 7 and beyond. This includes development of solid fine motor skills to scribe correctly as well as a full understanding of using these numbers correctly in many fun activities.

Summer Term

Our theme to begin Summer term will be Under the Sea.  Over the weeks the activities will involve handling of real fish and shell fish encouraging the children to examine them in our fishy exploration tray. The children will have an opportunity to choose our woodwork activity during the afternoons. This will develop their creative and fine motor skills experiencing real tools and equipment. The role play area will develop into our very own Space Station. This area encourages your child to interact with peers, develop their language, form good relationships and make sense of the world. Numeracy activities will be to continue to recognise numbers up to 10 and to effectively count out a given number using one number name per item to develop confident touch counting. The extension work will develop skills understanding one more/less, scribing numerals correctly, missing numbers and ability to identify their own mathematical problems. 
We will be developing the childrens’ fine motor skills in a variety of ways to help the correct formation of both letters and numbers. A copy of each child’s target numbers and letters were given to you at our last parents evening. Please update us with your home challenges we also discussed. 
The Literacy area will be looking at a variety of factual and fiction books over the term. We will also be focusing on the initial sounds in a fun and creative way. Also the development and ability to rhyme. Our Talking Time sheets still play a vital part of your child’s reading development so please keep returning completed ones to Mrs Sutton.