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What will I study in A Level Maths?

You study a mixture of the elements, an A-level qualification consists of 6 modules and an AS-level qualification is achieved with success in 3 modules. Further Mathematics can be taken by completing another 6 modules in addition to the A-level – various options can be taken.

Course requirements:

  • A good GCSE grade (preferably A*/A)
  • A genuine interest in the subject
  • An ability to work independently
  • Determination
  • A logical mind

A-level Mathematics consists of Core and Applied Units:

  • Core Mathematics (algebra, trigonometry, etc)
  • Statistics (data analysis, etc)
  • Mechanics (motion, forces, etc)
  • Decision (Modelling and optimisation)

A qualification in Maths opens many doors. As well as the obvious links with Science, Finance and Engineering-related careers, many employers look favourably upon candidates who have studied Mathematics to A-level standard and A-level Mathematics combines well with most other A-level subjects.

Every week throughout the school year, additional support is offered at lunchtimes and after school by the Mathematics Department by invitation or on a ‘drop-in’ basis. These workshops take place on variety of days providing valuable extra support which is greatly appreciated by students.

Students in KS5 have the opportunity to join the Learned Society for Mathematics. The selected students then become Subject Ambassadors and take part in leading and organising events, inter-house competitions and other responsibilities.

Where does A Level Maths lead?

A level maths is critical for degree courses in engineering, physics, chemistry and of course maths. It is also highly rated by other degree courses as a demonstration of your numerical and logical skills.