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  • The Bursary Fund is used by the school to support pupils who would, without financial support, be unable to attend or remain at the school. This support may be long or short term. These are pupils who enrich the life of the school and other pupils, but whose families may have suffered family challenges such as bereavement and redundancy.

  • Case Study 3

    A recent parent, who wished to remain anonymous, wrote:'It was such a simple thing for us to allow the school to retain our deposit when our daughter went to university. She did so well at Hill House and has such happy memories of her time at Hill House. The fact that the school can use the £500 we paid years ago (and had pretty much forgotten) to help others enjoy a potentially life changing opportunity is tremendous'
  • Case Study 4 - Jacob Robson

    From starting my time at Hill House School in 2008 to my graduation in 2016, I feltcompletely at home. All the way from the catering staff to the sports coaches, the maintenancecrew to the headmaster, Hill House is a school where your child and family are fully taken careof from the first day.I distinctly recall the prosperous atmosphere around the school; one where you feel thatevery staff member is dedicated to ensuring each student is successful throughout their times atHill House. The level of teaching enabled me to transfer my innate drive and competitivenessfrom the athletic field into the classroom. In the many classes I took, the depth of knowledge andthe extent of enthusiasm displayed by each teacher was insurmountable.Athletically, Hill House did and continue to compete at an elite level. After representingschool in Rugby, Cricket and Football at most age groups, I have witnessed, first hand, thesuperb coaching and first-class facilities provided. This combination helped me develop myskills, particularly in football for which I received a scholarship to play at the collegiate level inthe United States.Along with their overall support, I would not have been able to experience and learn atthis excellent institution if it hadn’t been for Hill House’s bursary fund. They instilled faith andconfidence into me as a student and as a person when I needed it most.I am hugely proud to call Hill House School my alma mater and would recommend it toany prospective student.- Jacob Robson