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What will I study in A Level Government and Politics?

Government and Politics will provide you with the political knowledge and skills that will enable you to make more sense of the political processes and decisions, both in the UK and internationally, that have so much impact on your everyday life. It will enable you to develop the political awareness that provides a foundation for effective participation as a citizen of the United Kingdom, the European Union and the world.

In the first year of the course You are introduced to the political system in the UK. This includes a study of the policies and beliefs of political parties and how elections are contested. You examine the case for referendums and critically consider the role of pressure groups. You also identify and evaluate the role of institutions such as the cabinet and Parliament, the judiciary and the constitution.

In the second year of the course You examine the range of elections which take place in the USA, including the race to become President, the role of Pressure Groups and the domination of 2 parties on national politics. In addition you will study the influence of the written Constitution upon the country, the role of Congress in making decisions and the power or not of the President and his administration. There are parallels with the UK, and the important assessment of how effectively does politics work in the USA.

Where does A Level Government and Politics lead?

You will be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of political institutions, concepts and theories and be able to analyse and evaluate political arguments and views. You will be able to construct and communicate clear arguments, using relevant examples and evidence and appropriate political language. Politics students go onto apply for a range of courses at university with law, history and international relations being popular options. It can prove useful for careers in law, journalism, teaching, marketing, finance and, of course, politics.