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What will I study in A Level French?

We follow the AQA specification for A Level. In the Lower Sixth, we study aspects of French speaking society such as the changing nature of family, the ‘cyber-society’ and the place of voluntary work. We also learn about the artistic culture in the French speaking world and discuss cultural heritage, contemporary francophone music and French cinema. During this year, an in-depth study of a film by a French director is also part of the curriculum.

The course builds on the skills acquired at GCSE and develops knowledge of grammar for the purposes of practical communication.

In the Upper Sixth, we study other aspects of French speaking society such as the positive aspects of a diverse society, life for the marginalised and how criminals are treated. Aspects of political life in the francophone world is also a significant part of the curriculum. Students also read and study a novel by a French author and complete an in-depth, independent research study on a cultural topic of their choice. This may relate to any aspect of the French speaking world that may appeal to students’ personal interests. There will be examinations for listening, reading, writing and speaking in the summer term.

Where does A Level French lead?

Students are offered the chance to discover France and practise their language skills on work experience.