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Living History at Hill House

On Tuesday 31st January 2017 Year Six children were transfixed by a visit from a real Roman Centurion. His amazing tales of his rise through the ranks and what typical Roman soldiers had to go through in everyday life were quite astonishing, something the children were not prepared for! A chance encounter with a lost Celt proved to be quite worrisome for our Roman friend but they both held their emotions in check and were able to deliver a really interesting account of how they were able to, eventually, work alongside each other.

Quite unrelated; 'Guy Fawkes' himself paid an unseasonable visit to Hill House to speak to Year Four children as part of their 'Famous People in History' topic. As usual, he had the children on the edges of their seats with historic tales of heroics, subterfuge and down right underhandedness! Greta Highfield and Finn Damary-Wilson dressed as 17th century soldiers to torture a nervous looking Harry Smith on the wooden rack but stopped short of dislocating ALL his joints.
Perhaps had Guy himself realised that he was visiting us on exactly the 411th anniversary of his execution for high treason he might have shown a little less bravado!

A huge thank you to Dave from Murton Park for helping to make our day very special.