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Bewerley Park

Day 2

We have all had fun, everyone has seen some snow and most have managed to make at least one snowball each. Tired as we are, the fun continues tonight with a visit to the common room and a chance to spend some pocket money.
Mr Lawrie's Group started the day on a quest for trolls, a hunt for the Barghest and the odd snowball fight by Troller's Ghyll. This afternoon the quest was for treasure in and around the woods near the centre.
Mrs Leach's Group have ventured into Tom Taylor's Cave, looked at How Stean Gorge without getting wet and then on to Scar House Reservoir which was bracing and some snowflakes were seen up there too. This afternoon they have clambered and scrambled through Brimham Rocks.
Miss Coleman's Group were scrambling over, under and through Brimham Rocks this morning. After a refreshing lunch they embarked on a tour of Tom Taylor's cave, How Stean Gorge and then Scar House Reservoir.
Mrs Stirling Martin's Group started the snowy day at Troller's Ghyll finding an unexpected monkey face before climbing back up the ghyll ready to complete the morning with a good old fashioned snowball fight. This afternoon they visited Scar House Reservoir, Tom Taylor's Cave and How Stean Gorge.
Mrs Holland's Group started the morning on a Treasure Quest, where some Freddos were finally found as a reward. After lunch, the group set off for Troller's Ghyll which was snowy and quite slippery but we used it to our advantage as we enjoyed sliding down slopes on our bottoms before the uphill climb. We braved the dark and entered a local cave armed with candles to guide our path.

Day 1

Group 1 - Mr Lawrie
Daisy, Scott F, Henry, Myles, Jacqueline, Scott J, George, Kitty, Dax, Maisie, Alexandra I-C and Aston

Group 2 - Mrs Holland
Finnan, Daniel, Elliot, William, Lysander, Olivia, Lara, Alexandra H, Alana and Naina

Group  3 - Mrs Stirling-Martin
Ruby, Thalia, Martha, Michael, Morgan, Reuben, Lewis, Autumn, Romily, Hannah and Harry O

Group 4 - Mrs Leach
Gracie, Diyar, Tomos, Harriet, Isabelle, Rahul, Oliver, Erica, Harrison, Jack and Harry G

Group 5 - Miss Coleman
Annie, Madeleine, Alpheus, Evangeline, Hussain, James, Tiffany, Erin, Iman, Alina and Leighton

Day 1 Activities

Group 1 and 2 - Scar House  Tom Taylor's Cave and How Stean Gorge

Group 3 - Brimham Rocks

Group 4 and 5  - Troller's Ghyll

Evening activities (for all groups) - Teamwork Initiatives.