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Lydia Parkhurst meets Prime Minister

Old Girl Lydia Parkhurst is making a name for herself as an ambassador for the Juvenile Diabetic Research Foundation, which is working towards finding a cure for Type 1 Diabetes. Last week Lydia was asked to speak to the Prime Minister, Teresa May, on behalf of all children and families who have to deal with the disease.

Mrs May was very interested in Lydia’s experiences, talking to her at length. She said she could understand fully what these children were going through as she is also a Type 1 Diabetic and was diagnosed 4 years ago.   The Prime Minister also invited the Parkhurst family to come to Downing Street for a private tour.

Later in the evening the Duchess of Cornwall arrived and also talked to Lydia about her role and the work of the JDRF. Lydia was complimented by both ladies for her eloquence and confidence, both of which she puts down to her grounding at Hill House.