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Remote Teaching and Learning

We are currently living in unprecedented times, but we are proud to see how the Hill House community has risen to dealing with the current COVID-19 situation.

The staff underwent a raft of training in recent weeks in preparation for the pupils not being allowed to come to school for the moment and have taken to Google Classroom like ducks to water. It is wonderful to see staff excited each day by new tools they have discovered to further enhance the pupils’ experiences.

We have been pleased to look after a large number of children of key workers, and our thanks to the staff who have looked after them all day, especially Mrs Bodman, the Nursery and the PE staff, who have kept them busy when not in Google Classroom, with music, activities and sport. Holiday club will run throughout the Easter break, except for the bank holidays, for children of key workers from school and elsewhere.

The pupils have overwhelmingly engaged with their online studies and produced some excellent work - not just in the classroom, but on video and through photographs, showing us the excellent practical work they have done.

We are very grateful to parents who have supported this initiative, worked their way through technological challenges when they have occurred, and to the many who have contacted us to let us know of their appreciation.

Obviously we do not know for how much longer it will be before we can welcome all the children back on site, but we are very confident indeed that the education we continue to offer has been a seamless transition and is the very best available at this time.