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Awards For Our MUN Debaters

Nine pupils from Hill House School recently travelled to Kingswood School in Bath for the nationally renowned BISMUN Conference.

They were quickly into a busy schedule of lobbying, debating and voting on a range of important and challenging issues, in their committees. We had two delegations at the conference representing Brazil, and also St Vincent and the Grenadines. There were almost 40 schools from across the UK and Europe, making over 60 delegations across committees such as Human Rights, Disarmament and Political.

Anna Russin had the honour of being a member of the Security Council, the elite and intense forum for just 15 nations. The pupils took an energetic part in debating resolutions throughout Saturday and into Sunday. They then re-assembled for a final General Assembly where Anna and Josh Bergomi had their resolution debated in the "emergency debate" in front of all the delegations.

Our trip concluded with the awards ceremony, where the quality of our debating skills was evident and fully rewarded, with five awards spread across the nine delegates.


Taylor Davies - Brazil Disarmament - Commended Delegate

Lexie Owens - Brazil Political - Commended Junior and Highly Commended Delegate

Mackenzie Alexander-Smith - Economic Brazil - Highly Commended 

Josh Bergomi - Middle East, St Vincent and Grenadines - Highly Commended ​


Well done to Year 8's Grace Arnold and Lexie Owens, who debated confidently and expertly, often against pupils much older than themselves. Lexie's efforts in her committee (Political), where the overwhelming majority of members were Sixth Formers, were recognised as she came away with two of the awards. 

The group had an outstanding few days, and it was testament to the hard work and preparation put in by all of our pupils, many of whom took part in MUNCH (Cheadle Hulme) in October and look forward to WIMUN (Withington School) in late June.