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Heartfelt Donation for Hill House School

Hill House School is extremely delighted to have been presented with a defibrillator by two of our very generous parents, Mr Karl Batey and Mrs Kathryn Batey.  We have had a defibrillator for our main school site for a number of years but wished to source another for our Blaxton Sports Ground and, with this fantastic donation by the Bateys, we are now able to provide this potentially lifesaving treatment at our offsite sports facility. 

Mr Batey shared the inspiration behind his kind donation.  “I was watching the news one day a few years ago and saw that a young boy had tragically died of a sudden cardiac arrest whilst at school. I looked into this and discovered that on average 270 children will die at school each year. I then discovered that incredibly it is not mandatory for schools to have a defibrillator on site despite such devices significantly increasing the victim's survival chance. Without treatment, the victim's chance of survival decreases by 10% per minute whereas providing treatment within 3-5 minutes increases the survival chance to 74%. I remembered back to my own childhood when a friend of mine was hit by a car outside of my infant school in Cantley. During his treatment at the roadside his heart stopped and it was only by pure luck that one of the parents who witnessed the incident was medically trained and was able to restart his heart before the ambulance arrived.

Our daughter, Isla, attends Hill House and my business, UK Surety, had been looking for a local charity to make a donation to. I was born in Doncaster, live in Doncaster and run a business here in Doncaster so it’s our absolute pleasure to put something back into the local community. Hopefully the defibrillator will never need to be used but we hope it gives peace of mind to the school”

Headmaster, David Holland, thankfully accepted this offer from Mr and Mrs Batey, saying “We are always incredibly grateful when a parent wishes to donate to the school. This incredibly generous contribution allows us to continue to keep the safety and wellbeing of our pupils a top priority”.