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Greece Trip 2018

The sky was blue and the Aegean Sea crystal clear as GCSE and A Level classicists enjoyed the school’s first trip to mainland Greece, during October half term.

After a visit to the stunning new Acropolis Museum in Athens, the tour moved on to the mythical centre of the classical world, Delphi, with its temples, treasuries, theatre and stadium; a beautiful and remote site, high in the mountains of central Greece, and hard to visualise in the late summer sun as a popular ski resort! After a visit to Olympia, and a new House sprint race at the original Olympic Stadium (won by New House!), the tourists then took in Ancient Sparta, home of Leonidas and his immortalised 300 Spartans, Mycenae, seat of King Agamemnon, and the acoustically perfect Giant Theatre of Epidauros. A return to Athens, with a night time viewing of the Acropolis and then a full day exploring the city was a glorious finish, leaving our classicist both enlightened and inspired. Many thanks to Mrs McCrea for such a wonderful trip.