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Sunshine and Stories

Last week saw the culmination of a Year 9 and Year 4 collaboration that began in the Lent term.

Back in March, the Year 4 classes visited the senior school to meet the Year 9 English classes. Each Year 9 pupil interviewed a Year 4 pupil, asking them specifically about their reading preferences. At the end of that session each Year 4 commissioned a story to be written especially for them.

Since then, the Year 9s have learned about the multimodality of texts and how children make meaning from images and presentation as well as from language; and they have used this knowledge to produce illustrated children's stories. These stories have been written in a range of media from hand written/hand drawn, to digital media. 

The two year groups came together again in the shade of the school woods, for the Year 9s to read their stories and present the final copies to the Year 4s.

Meanwhile, the Year 4s have been working on a similar project with Reception children and will be presenting their stories this week.