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Year 5 Learn About WWII

Year 5 were fortunate to receive a talk in school from David Thirwell who runs the historical educational workshops at Murton Park.

Mr Thirwell is a long time friend of the school and has been visited in various guises over the years - Roman Centurion, Guy Fawkes and in this case an air raid warden!

Year 5 have been studying World War II in their History lessons and they were taken on a journey from the start of the war to its conclusion. Mr Thirwell told them some hard truths and the pupils realised that they would have found it very tough had they been children during that period of time.

Mr Lawrie, Year 5 teacher, said: "It is always a pleasure to welcome Mr Thirwell along with his props and artifacts. History is always one of the children's favourite subjects and today they sat mesmerised and listened intently to every story Mr Thirwell told them."