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GCSE Records Tumble as Grade 9s pose no problem at Hill House!

Pupils and staff at Hill House are celebrating this year after a record breaking set of GCSE exam results.

A massive 318 of the examinations taken resulted in A*/A or equivalent grades, leading to a record breaking 60% of GCSEs earning A*/A, and 98% of pupils achieved at least 5 good GCSEs including English and Mathematics.

Despite concerns over how hard the new Grade 9 would be to achieve, the Hill House group won 22 of them, with pride of place going to Hampole’s Tilly Poskitt and Belton’s Matthew West, who both gained a full set of 9s in English Language, English Literature, and Mathematics. Tilly adds her 9s to 6A*S and 2 As, while Matthew adds his to 7A*s

A*/A                                                                                          60%

A*-C                                                                                          99%

Pupils gaining at least 5 GCSEs at C and above

in English & Mathematics                                                    98%

Pupils achieving at least 8As and above                         44%

Epworth’s Arnav Chadha secured 9s in Mathematics and English Literature to go with one 8, and 7A*s, while Worksop’s Joe Pollard earned 9s in English Literature and English Language, to go with another 8A*s. Alice Bastow, from Kirk Smeaton, also managed 9s in English Literature and Mathematics, to go with 7A*s and one B, while Katie Law achieved 9s in Mathematics and English Literature, to go with 4A*s, 3As and one B.

Eastoft’s Morgan Everatt gained one 9, 5A* and 2As, Belton’s Hannah Young managed one 9, 7A*s and 2As, while Epworth’s Beatrice Holland earned 6A*s and 3As.

Tickhill pupils also excelled; Holly Anderson gained 7A*s and 2As, Joe Hill managed one 9, 6A*s and 3As, Ed Smith delivered one 9, 6A*s and 3 As, and Oliver Kell secured 7A*s and 3As.

Sprotbrough’s Joshua Smithurst gained 7A*s and 2As, while Doncaster’s Alina Khan secured 6A*s and 4As, with Jack Zhu achieving one 9 in Mathematics, to go with 5A*s and 4As

Staff were especially pleased to see that the school’s busy international sports’ stars were able to reconcile their budding careers with very good grades; Doncaster and England Hockey player, Annabel Bennett gained 9 GCSEs including an A* and 2As, Great Britain Skier Jodie Grant secured 7 GCSEs including 3As and 3Bs, while GB sailor Tom Parkhurst earned 7 good passes.

Headmaster David Holland was delighted with the results, saying ‘we are so proud of this group of pupils; we were thrilled to see last year’s group getting past the 50% mark for A*/As, but this takes results to a new level. To see nearly half of the year group get at least 8As is also wonderful, but so is seeing every pupil achieving what they needed to move on to their Sixth Form studies. It is amazing to see that only 5 individual GCSEs were graded below C in the whole year group! Well done to all concerned!’