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Lockdown Time Capsule

Lockdown Time Capsule: A fun way to look back on the COVID-19 pandemic in years to come

We hope that the current pandemic is a once in a life time event, yet for obvious reasons it is something that we are likely to look back on for many years to come. 

Whilst you are safe at home, you could create a time capsule of what you've been up to and what life is like.  There are many things you could include, here are some ideas:

  • A letter to whoever opens your capsule.
  • A newspaper clipping or print a news article fom the Internet.
  • Drawings or photos.
  • Evidence of games or activities you did as a family.
  • Some diary entries.
  • A record of any special memories (for example: Clap for Carers).
  • Handprint tracing of everyone in the family
  • A 2020 dated coin.
  • A couple of bits of clean toilet paper and a hand wipe (reminding you of how people were panic buying)

If you're needing some ideas or a framework, using the link below you could download for free and complete some worksheets for your time capsule created by Natalie Long (Facebook: and Instagram: long_creations). 

Once you have gathered everything together, you could place them safely in a shoebox or something similar. You then need to decide where you are going to place your time capsule. You could also create a map and a set of instructions for whoever 'digs up' the capsule in the future.