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Name it + Explain it!

Name it + Explain it! Using the letters on the card provided, pupils name a key term or a key point and explain and elaborate on it's significance to the topic. Great for recall and literacy.

Provide each pupil with a pile of cards. Each card has 2 or 3 letters on it (part of a word). For this activity we used the cards from the 'Pass the Bomb' game. 

  • The first pupil picks up the first card in their pile. Using the letters on the card, the pupil names a key word or key term linked to the topic being taught or consolidated. 
  • The pupil then explains the word and elaborates on it's significance, applying it correctly.
  • If the pupil is able to do this successfully, they gain a point. 
  • The next pupil picks up the first card in their pile and the process is repeated. 

Differentiation / Extension:

  • Ask pupils to spell the word they have selected.
  • Challenge pupils to link their named word to the previous pupils named word.
  • Give a time limit to the 'naming and explaining'.
  • Rather than a simple explanation give the pupils a minute to talk about the word they have selected.
  • Don't allow repetition between pupils.
  • Award extra points depending on the length or complexity of the word selected (rather than just having correctly named and explained the word).
  • Remove the element of competition by not awarding of points.
  • Cards could simply contain key words rather than parts of a word.