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Cops and Robbers!

Cops and Robbers! Pupils consolidate their learning and then collaborate with classmates to rob as much information as they can. Thanks to @87history and @thelazyteacher for this idea.

Pupils enjoy this activity which combines individual retrieval practice with collaborating with classmates.

  1. Pupils begin by completing the 'cops' column. In the ‘cops’ column pupils apply retrieval practice to write down as much as the can from memory (similar to a ‘brain dump’).
  2. Pupils then complete the ‘robbers’ column. Pupils move around the room to collaborate with their classmates to gather additional information. The impact of realising what had been forgotten often leads pupils to better remember that particular piece of information in the future.

Differentiation / Extension:

  • The sheet could include prompts for the pupils. This helps to split up bigger topics and prompt them with regards to what the topic includes. The prompts can also help pupils to organise their recall into sections.
  • A time limit could be given fo both the 'cops' and the 'robbers' section.
  • This task could be used competitively.
  • Pupils could work in teams.
  • Pupils can apply what they have gathered into an exam question.