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Post-It Note Challenge: Noughts + Crosses

Noughts + Crosses: Post-It note challenge. Answer questions on a post-it note and beat your partner to completing three in a row. A fun and competitive retrieval task. 

This game is designed as a quick starter or plenary. 

Create a 3 by 3 grid.  In each square write a question for the pupils to answer. Provide the pupils with a set of Post-it notes - it is helpful for the pupils in each pair to have a different coloured post-it note in order to clearly differentiate which pupil has answered which question. Set a timer and let the pupils know that they have five minutes to correctly answer the questions. There is no need for pupils to wait for their partner to take their turn, it can be a race to see who can complete three questions in a row first.

Differentiation / Extension:

  • Questions could be colour coded depending on topic or difficulty.
  • Pupils could create the questions.
  • Once completed, pupils could swap their completed grids with another pair. The next pair need to try and work out what the question under the Post-it note was.
  • Rather than aiming for 3 answers in a row, pupils could be awarded points depending on how many squares they have correctly answered. 
  • You could remove the timed conditions.