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Constructing Complex Calculations

Constructing Complex Calculations: Students have enjoyed working collaboratively to sequence together answers to examination questions. Excellent for confidence building! 

This is a simple but effective task to help build confidence with tricky examination questions. 

Provide students with a model answer, chopped and mixed up. The students then need to sequence the chopped up answer into the correct order. This has proven really helpful for students in chemistry as they try and solve complex calculation sequences. 

Once students have mastered the sequencing, they then use their sequence to mark and correct a 'fake' examination answer. This stage can be incredibly beneficial to check students understanding of the sequencing and for them to identify where answers can go wrong. A useful tool to correct misconceptions.

Students then complete the examination question independently under timed conditions.

This can be applied to all subjects to help students understand how piece together answers to examination questions. Helpful discussions can be had as students discuss why they have decided to order the answer in their chosen way.