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What Am I? Quick quiz to help the recall of keywords

This is a fun, engaging and competitive tool to consolidate the learning of keywords or terminology.

On each card there are three clues, pupils need to guess the keyword based on the clues. The first to guess the keyword gains the question card. The pupil with the most question cards wins. 

How to play:

  • The question master reads the first clue.
  • If a pupil thinks they know the keyword, they press the buzzer and state the keyword they think the card relates to.
  • If the pupil guesses the keyword correctly, they gain the card. The question master then moves onto the next card and the process is repeated.
  • If the pupil did not guess correctly the question master reads the next clue. 
  • If pupils are unable to guess the keyword correctly, the question master keeps the card.

Differentiation / Extension:

  • Pupils could create the question cards.
  • You could use a scoring system. If a pupil guesses the card correctly on the first clue, they gain three points. If they guess correctly on the second clue, they gain two points. If they guess correctly on third clue, they gain one point.
  • Pupils could be eliminated from a round if they guess incorrectly. 
  • This could be a timed activity, or simply played until the pack has been completed.
  • Instead using buzzers, pupils could simply raise their hand.
  • Rather than this being a group activity, pupils could be divided into pairs. One of the pair could be the question master, the other guesses the word. They simply swap roles after a time limit. The pupil with the most correctly answered cards wins. 
  • You could use a pupil or teacher as the question master.

Example resources are accessed from the links below.