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Consolidation wheels

Consolidation Wheels: Enabling pupils to map and summarise key concepts

This wheel is an alternative to mind mapping and is designed to aid pupils with the skill of summarising.

  • Pupils begin in the centre with the unit or topic title.
  • As they progress outwards they split the topic or unit into segments, creating subsections for the area of investigation.  For example, they may begin with keywords towards the middle, but as they progress towards the outer segments they could evidence examples or include more complex points. 

Extension / Differentiation:

  • Progression towards the outer edges could be staged in levels of difficulty related to the topic or unit.
  • Pupils could self select how to breakdown the subjections or could be directed by the teacher.
  • Pupils may enjoy adding colour coding.
  • Each subjection is flexible and could be used in a variety of ways to meet the needs of the individual.  
  • Pupils could complete under timed conditions.
  • Pupils could complete without notes as a revision retrieval activity. Once completed they could compare with notes to check their memory and understanding.