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Pyramid sentences

Pyramid Sentences: Providing a scaffold for well developed sentences

This activity is designed to provide pupils with an opportunity to practise any Target Language structures. Using scaffolding, pupils are encouraged to develop their sentence construction.

  • Provide pupils with a grid of key phrases in your chosen Target Language.
  • Call out the phrases in English. Pupils then use the grid to translate into the Target Language. They then write this either on paper or a mini-whiteboard.
  • Repeat, building up pupil confidence using longer clauses and sentences.  
  • Once they are confident with the language, introduce the pyramid structure. They translated it line by line, repeating key language and adding extra development. For example: I can (line 1), I can play (line 2), I can play football (line 3)

Extension / Differentiation:

  • Pupils could create their own pyramid, building up to a highly developed sentence from one key phrase. 
  • You can make this as easy or as difficult as pupils are happy with. Confident or higher ability pupils can be encouraged to develop the sentence even further (adding people, more activities, opinions), whereas lower ability pupils develop their confidence by adhering to the structure provided.