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ACE Exam practice

ACE Exam Practice: A great way to facilitate learning conversations between pupils + foster an atmosphere of peer support as well as show definite progress within a topic.

  • Gather a range of exam questions ranging from high, medium and low demand, which you then categorise as A, C or E (ACE) questions. This works very well in science based subjects.
  • Stick the printed questions onto the board under the correct letter and then allow the pupils to take a question of their choice from the board.
  • They do not have to start at E (low demand). If they have high aspirations they could head straight for the A questions (high demand). If they're less confident, starting with a low demand question can be really beneficial.
  • Once the question is answered, the pupil replaces the question on the board with their name written clearly on the answer.
  • Soon the majority of questions will have been answered and pupils will then be reviewing their peers ideas answers, rather than simply answering the question themselves.
  • Pupils are then encouraged to talk to each other to discuss the differences in their ideas. For example, why they might have come to different conclusions, why they have approached an answered by using a different method, or simply to ask how they managed to get their answer.
  • The teacher is able to step in and correct misconceptions at any point.

Differentiation / Extension:

  • There is always the possibility of extending to the next academic level. For example, KS3 pupils could attempt a GCSE question.
  • Questions could be placed onto a Google Classroom, students could have learning conversations electronically.