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Rubik's Cube Challenge

Rubik's Cube Challenge: Solve the Cube by sorting the key points. Thanks to @mrfitzhist for the idea

This is a fun way to test knowledge and understanding in a low stakes environment. Pupils enjoy the challenge of racing to be the first to solve the cube, by doing so they're benefiting from engaging in deeper thinking as they sort and identify the topic that the answers/points link to. 

  1. Provide pupils with the Rubix Cube and ask them to check that they know what all of the words mean.
  2. On the first cube the pupils are provided with answers/key points mixed randomly onto the three sides. The second cube has a topic or question allocated to each side of the cube (to which the points on the first cube answer).
  3. Pupils need to work out which answers/key points from the first cube link to the three questions/topics on the second cube and write the answers onto the correct side of the cube. Some pupils will benefit from colour coding the cube first.
  4. Pupils race to see who can solve the cube first.
  5. Once completed pupils could be provided with the answers to self check or peer assess.  
  6. Using the Rubix Cube as a prompt, pupils answer an exam style question based on the questions allocated to the three sides of the second cube.


  • Although pupils enjoyed the timed challenge, this could be removed.
  • Rather than providing answers on the first cube, you could have questions/prompts to which pupils will need to solve before sorting onto the correct side of the Rubix Cube. You may well need an A3 Rubix Cube to do this.
  • Once the Rubix Cube is solved, ask pupils to annotate their answers - this could be identifying the points they think are the most important / persuasive and why.
  • Challenge pupils to see if they can link their points on the blank Rubix Cube together (they can then annotate to show why they have ordered in that particular way).
  • As homework ask pupils to prepare a Rubix Cube challenge for their friends to solve at the start of next lesson