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Retrieval Grids

Retrieval Grids: Answer questions from memory, how many points can you gain? With thanks to @87History for the idea and @ICTEvangelist for the free downloadable resources 

Retrieval grids are superb competitive starters containing questions from a range of topics and with varying levels of difficulty (the harder the question, the more points awarded). This is a great way to a great way to apply interleaving and spaced practice as pupils are required to retrieve and recall content from last lesson, last week and prior topics from the course of study. This works particularly well with exam classes in all subject areas as a useful revision tool, recapping prior learning. However, it can be successfully used in all key stages!

For more information from Kate Jones who founded this idea link here: Kate's Retrieval Grid Blog

To download some free templates provided by @ICTEvangelist click here:  Mark Anderson's Downloadable Retrieval Grids


  • Ask pupils to create a retrieval grid to be used at the start of next lesson.
  • As well as scoring points, this could be used as a bingo activity - pupils needing to answer a whole row/column.
  • This could also be used in a non-competitive format, to make it lower stakes - pupils do not need to share with anyone how many points they gained.
  • Ask pupils to jot down questions they struggled with and ensure they consolidate. They may find that when the answer is revealed, they are now able to remember the answer. However, further consolidation would do no harm.