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Keyword Scrabble

Keyword Scrabble: Using Scrabble letters (and allocated numbers), challenge pupils to recall keywords from the lesson/topic. Pupils who recall the word worth the biggest points win.

This activity is an excellent tool for competitively consolidating learning and integrating literacy and numeracy. Utilising scrabble letters pupils formulate keywords from the topic/lesson. They then add up the scores for each letter generating a total score for their word/words. Challenge pupils to see who can recall the word worth the most points and see how many points they can accumulate in total over the 5 minutes. 


  • Can be completed independently or in teams
  • Double Points: Use your keyword in a sentence
  • Triple Points: Write a question to which the keyword is the answer
  • Use for translation - Provide pupils with a list of words in one language and ask them to translate using the scrabble letters. Obviously once translated, the words will be worth different points, see who can translate and score the most points.