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Snowballs: Excellent interactive activity for DIRT starter or plenary. Great fun... whatever the weather!  

This enjoyable activity is great for children of all ages and is easily adapted to meet the needs of all. Pupils delight in screwing up answers and throwing their work at their peers to review. Quick and simple, this could be used at any point of a lesson.

  1. Provide each pupil with a piece of paper. Provide a question for the pupils to answer, they answer this on their paper.
  2. Once they have written the answer they screw up their paper and throw it across the room (like a snowball).
  3. Pupils then pick up a snow ball and 'mark' the snowball they've picked up by providing feedback (eg: What went well or Even better if...). You could provide the pupils with a mark scheme.
  4. The paper is then screwed up again and thrown across the room for someone else to pick up / thrown to the person who wrote the original answer.


  • Use different coloured paper representing the challenge or style of the question.
  • Rather than writing an answer, pupils can write a question for another pupil to answer, they could select the colour of paper depending on how hard they think the question is.
  • Provide pupils with a mark scheme.
  • Use paper aeroplanes instead of snowballs.
  • Extension: Longer response questions.
  • Extension: For subjects where contrasting opinions/answers can be used, for a third throw, ask pupils to write a contrasting opinion.