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Twister for languages: Fun, active game for consolidating verbs, nouns and adjectives. 

This interactive, lively activity is great for consolidating verbs, nouns and adjectives. Pupils of all ages have enjoyed participating in this game and find it a helpful way to embed understanding. 

1. Split the class into small teams of 3 pupils and provide the group with 8 A4 pieces of paper

2. On each piece of paper pupils write one of:  perfect, imperfect, present, plural, pluperfect, singular, 1st person, 2nd person and 3rd person. You could provide these pre-written. 

3. Pupils then lay the A4 paper on the ground (tables will need moving) in any order.

4.  Present the pupils with a list of verbs or nouns and as a group they have to decide where their classmate will put their hands and feet (only three appendages will be needed per pupil so they have to balance which adds to the physical difficulty) on the papers (little velcro sticky circles will help to stop the paper sliding on the carpet).

5. Pupils write down their answer.  The next classmate then jumps on and does the next word in the list, soon there will be a happy jumble of feet and hands, groups of three seem to work well any more people and it gets quite chaotic!


  • If anyone does not want to participate in the actual twister, it can work very well to have someone in charge of writing down the answers and directing people’s feet in each group, or you can rotate someone to be in charge.
  • Careful selection of grouping and selection of verbs (target key problems for certain groups of pupils).
  • Ask pupils to translate each verb as they go along or at the end to make sure they have the vocabulary as well as the grammatical understanding.