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Give Me 5: Challenge pupils to give five key points on a given topic. Many thanks to @KKNTeachLearn for the idea.

This activity is an effective tool to help students retrieve and recap their prior learning. Pupils are challenged to simply write down five key points on a given topic. Due to pupils evidencing the extent of their knowledge, this is also helpful in identifying where further learning needs to be done - pupils gain immediate feedback on how well their revision is progressing depending on how many answers they get correct. 

Students are given a chart with five columns. The columns are numbered 1-5.

Column 1: Urgent revision required
Column 2: Time to step up your revision
Column 3: Competent but still work to be done
Column 4: Revision is progressing well
Column 5: Getting exam ready, Keep it up!

The rows represent a topic from the specification. Students fill in a fact/significant piece of information in each box (starting with box 1). If students cannot progress along the line, more learning needs to be done. For those who have struggled, they should return to their notes or ask for help in order to complete the row.

Differentiation / Extension:

  • If your specification doesn't require a student to know five key facts, you could change the wording at the top. Rather than the top row just being about how much more revision to be done, the top row could be more specific to your specification. See downloadable attachment below. 
  • This could be completed as a competitive task in a lesson.