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Retrieve, Review, Rewrite

Retrieve, Review, Rewrite: Mixing retrieval and modelling as a basis for practising exam answers.

This activity provides pupils with a variety of challenge, mixing retrieval with modelling, working on both knowledge and exam skill. Students have found this a useful activity when consolidating their learning and applying their learning to exam style questions. This activity can build confidence as they move from retrieval to reviewing a model answer and then write their own. 

  1. To begin, Students fold the paper into 3 columns.
  2. In the first section they retrieve and write everything they can remember on the topic.
  3.  In the second section they review a model answer, working out what the exam question should be, and what ark should be awarded. In doing so they're also comparing the model to what they had retrieved, brining self-realisation to gaps in knowledge. This stage is also helpful in building confidence and students capture a 'can do' feeling having viewed the model answer. 
  4. In the third section they make improvements to the model answer. 

Differentiation / Extension ideas:

  • Instead of providing the model answer, students could prepare a model answer for their peers (this could be done as preparation for the lesson or as a plenary).
  • Instead of a full model answer, students could be provided with sentence starters or key points - providing enough of a foundation to build the confidence for the students to have a go.
  • Students could work in pairs and share their ideas regarding the model answer.
  • Instead of a complete rewrite of the model answer, students could just annotate, pointing out strengths and weaknesses of the answer (and make the corrections if needed).
  • The students could be told the question, rather than the students trying to work out what the question should be.