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Pyramid Ranking

Pupils rank points provided but only in the triangles pointing up. In the triangles pointing down they add their own ideas. Annotated justifications for extension. 

Ranking of facts / key points can be a helpful way for pupils to process and learn key points. Further it helps pupils to think about points which are most convincing and begin to justify their thoughts. Pupils in this activity are provided with the key points and need to rank them with the best point at the top, filtering down to the least convincing at the bottom. In the triangles that point down, they could add their own key points – again this is useful as they begin to think deeply about the topic. It is also useful, as an extension, to ask pupils to justify (by annotating) why they have ranked the points as they have, they could justify one from the top, middle and bottom. 

Differentiation / Extension ideas:

  • Triangles pointing down could be used for contrasting points (reasons against) rather than pupils’ own ideas
  • Often pupils will have differing opinions from each other and so working together can further develop an understanding of what a point means and how convincing it is.
  • Could be laminated and cut out so that pupils can swap and move triangles about
  • To extend – Can they explain why someone would have ranked differently.