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Spin A Question

Spin A Question: Spin your pen + answer the question, after 4 minutes check your answers. Swap spinners and repeat. 

This activity is designed to be a competitive way to help pupils answer exam questions in a fun environment – engaging in retrieval practice. Pupils are provided with a spinner to which they poke their pencil through. The pupils are asked to spin their spinner and answer the question on which the spinner lands within a set time. Once the time is up, they are then given a set time to mark/check their written answer (this is important to encourage the quality of written answers and to allow to the correction of misconceptions). They gain points per marks achieved. Pupils then spin their spinner again or swap with a partner to gain a different set of questions.  

Because pupils are answering the questions without notes this is an excellent retrieval activity. If pupils have struggled to answer the question it is useful to direct their revision and the checking of answers when ‘forgotten’ can lead to deeper processing.

Differentiation / Extension ideas:

  • Pupils could create questions on a spinner designed to challenge their friends.
  • The spinners could have questions pre-written or pupils could create their own questions