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From A to B: Pupils make their way from A to B by answering questions. Thanks to @jmosley_history for the idea

A fun and competitive retrieval challenge for any point in a lesson. Students simply make their way from A to B by answering questions. The first person to correctly make their way to the end (B) wins. They can take any route that they like, however, they must answer the question to move on. 

Differentiation / Extension: 

  • Students can create the questions and answers for their peers to complete
  • Questions can be inside the triangle or alongside each edge
  • Colours of the triangle could represent topics 
  • Questions nearest the end could be the hardest ones 
  • As an extension, pupils can add their own questions to the end
  • Could be done verbally rather than written, could also be done in teams
  • For those struggling or after a time limit you could allow students to access their notes