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Cog Writing Frames

Cog Writing Fames: Using cogs to help structure extended writing.  

In order to help students structure longer answer exam questions it can be useful to help them make direct connections. Using the cogs, students write points in the cogs (the points are likely to have been already taught). As they move from cog to cog, points should only be written if they connect together. Around the outside of the cogs it can be helpful to ask students to annotate – stating explicitly how the points link together. 

Differentiation / Extension ideas:

  • This format could be used to help students write PEE / PEA paragraphs. One cog for the point, one for the explanation and one for the example.
  • The cogs could have a colour code. Eg: green to agree and red to disagree.
  • Bigger cogs could be allocated to the most important points.
  • Students could write a conclusion based on the evidence in the cogs. This could be written at the bottom of the page.