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The Cone Game

The Cone Game: Compete to be the first to grab the cone that matches the answer. With thanks to @tombrush1982 for the idea

This game is based on the popular online game of @getKahoot. An excellent, competitive, quick thinking retrieval activity based on multiple choice. In this version instead of each student needing an electronic device, each group just needs 4 cones. Students watch the screen (power point) where they will see projected a question with 4 choices of answer - each choice is linked to a colour cone. The student who correctly grabs the correct cone first wins. 

Differentiation / Extension Suggestions:

  • Instead of using cones you could use pieces of paper.
  • Students could create the presentation with the questions and multiple-choice answers. 
  • Ask students how they came to decide on the cone / how they excluded the other colours. This is good to check understanding and ensure they aren’t just guessing.