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At Hill House we believe learning is collaborative. Teachers work with pupils to create lessons that are dynamic, exciting and promote deep learning. We believe in helping our learners reach independence and encourage them to always strive for excellence. We believe pupils should be encouraged to take responsibility, embrace risks, persevere, enjoy challenges and above all love learning.

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  • Post-It Note Challenge: Noughts + Crosses

    Published 27/11/19

    Noughts + Crosses: Post-It note challenge. Answer questions on a post-it note and beat your partner to completing three in a row. A fun and competitive retrieval task. 

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  • Constructing Complex Calculations

    Published 20/11/19

    Constructing Complex Calculations: Students have enjoyed working collaboratively to sequence together answers to examination questions. Excellent for confidence building! 

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  • What Am I?

    Published 16/11/19

    What Am I? Quick quiz to help the recall of keywords

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  • Tally Marking

    Published 06/10/19

    Tally Marking: An effective tool for peer and self assessment 

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  • Consolidation wheels

    Published 08/09/19

    Consolidation Wheels: Enabling pupils to map and summarise key concepts

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  • Pyramid sentences

    Published 17/06/19

    Pyramid Sentences: Providing a scaffold for well developed sentences

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  • ACE Exam practice

    Published 13/06/19

    ACE Exam Practice: A great way to facilitate learning conversations between pupils + foster an atmosphere of peer support as well as show definite progress within a topic.

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  • Rubik's Cube Challenge

    Published 31/05/19

    Rubik's Cube Challenge: Solve the Cube by sorting the key points. Thanks to @mrfitzhist for the idea

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  • Retrieve, Review, Rewrite

    Published 30/05/19

    Retrieve, Review, Rewrite: Mixing retrieval and modelling as a basis for practising exam answers.

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  • Twister

    Published 29/05/19

    Twister for languages: Fun, active game for consolidating verbs, nouns and adjectives. 

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  • Give me 5

    Published 28/05/19

    Give Me 5: Challenge pupils to give five key points on a given topic. Many thanks to @KKNTeachLearn for the idea.

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  • Fortune Tellers

    Published 28/05/19

    Fortune Teller Revision: Create challenging questions, put them into a fortune teller and play in 'speed dating' style. 

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