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Mr Holland's Easter Top 10

The plan for the Easter Holidays has changed, which I am sure everyone can identify with.

It looks like goodbye to my trip up Scafell Pike, and the start of the cricket season isn’t looking too rosy either.











Some may, of course, have no time this holiday; key workers, people keeping their businesses going.

I certainly expect, as do other colleagues to spend plenty of time at school this holiday, whether dealing with the business side of the school, working on lessons, or just the standard managerial tasks which need to go on regardless; this a busy time for planning for the next academic year.

But perhaps the current state of affairs can help me focus on what time I do have available and making best use of it. My school holidays always start with good intentions and generally end up with a list of ideas sadly curling up on the kitchen table.

Knowing we are all in the same boat, I am very grateful to the staff at Hill House, who have put together our own package of holiday activities to keep children, and perhaps even parents, entertained where necessary, over the next 3 weeks. This ranges from Mr Hopkinson's unmissable films to 10 science experiments you can do in your kitchen, 10 great pieces of music to Mrs Parkhurst's 10 arty activities.

So at the risk of public shaming if I fail, here is my personal list of 10 things I want to get done in this unique Easter break. We’ll see…….

1. Walk the dog more

Get us both out in the fields, 10,000 steps a day minimum! 






2. Do my piano practice

30 minutes a day, warming up to a mediocre grasp of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ by the end of April.





3. Mr Hopkinson’s Film Club

I think I will be trying ‘Roman Holiday’ – a tale of escaping confinement sounds topical, one of those classics I have just never got around to. But Audrey Hepburn is timeless. 







4. Dr Johnson’s Poetry List

The intellectual challenge of learning a poem, last done aged 11 (a few years ago)……’If’ seems a likely candidate at this point.

5. Baking

I am quite a fan of baking; perhaps this Easter is the time I learn how to make croissants and pain au chocolat. 

6. Exercise

Let’s get that rowing machine working!

7. More movies 

With ageing children, we haven’t had our family viewing of ‘Toy Story 4’ yet. We may have to watch the other 3 first to get into the swing of it.




8. Greatest British Sportspeople

I am already engaged in my list and have had several frank conversations with Mr Rose already on this one. I think my ignorance of Halifax born rugby stars from the 1980s may be an issue.

9. Easter Egg Hunt

A Holland family favourite, with clues, laughter, and, of course, chocolate.

10. Reflection

And finally, some time to reflect, and to be thankful; even in these difficult times, how fortunate I am, to be able to contemplate how best to spend my time over Easter? That my family and I are blessed with good health and happiness. That we, as a school community, will all come through the current times stronger.

And to remember the importance of the Easter message, including love, sacrifice and putting others first -always important, rarely more relevant…….

Wishing all a happy, and safe, Easter.