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What will I study in A Level spanish?

We follow the AQA specification. At AS we study Media, Popular Culture, Healthy Living and Family Relationships. The course builds on the skills acquired at GCSE and develops your knowledge of grammar for the purposes of practical communication. In May there will be a speaking test and in June there will be a listening, reading and writing examination.

At A2 we study the Environment, Living in a Multicultural Society and Contemporary Social Issues. Students also begin an in-depth study of a cultural topic of their choice. This may relate to another of their A Level subjects. For example students studying Art may wish to research a Spanish artist; those doing A Level History may use their knowledge of the Spanish Civil War. There will also be an introduction to Spanish literature and cinema. There will be an essay question on the cultural topics in the Listening, Reading and Writing paper and it will be discussed during the Speaking test.

Where does A Level Spanish lead?

Students are offered the chance to discover Spain and practise their language skills on work experience.