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Philosophy, Politics & Ethics

What will I study in A Level PPE?

A-level Philosophy provides students with a broad introduction to the study of Philosophy.

This specification is designed to:

  • develop a range of transferable skills which can be applied far beyond the study of Philosophy
  • integrate themes and texts to allow teachers to plan the most suitable modules for the textual problems or the most suitable texts given their interest in other modules
  • help students gain a thorough grounding in key philosophical concepts, themes, texts and techniques
  • enable students to develop the ability to reason, form their own judgements, express themselves coherently and contribute to the process of debate

Show students how to consider philosophical problems through the study of a key text.

The topics studied include:

  • Epistemology
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Philosophy of Mind
  • Ethics

Where does A Level PPE lead?

Philosophy develops your critical thinking skills and is excellent preparation for study of philosophy at university as well as law, history, medicine and PPE.