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What will I Learn?

Geography is a fascinating and varied subject which helps pupils to understand more about the world in which you live. It develops a number of different skills including describing and analysing data, map skills and encouraging attitudes and views. Our aim is to promote a love of Geography, both Human and Physical. All pupils study Geography in Years 7 and 8, after which it becomes an optional subject.

Year 7

  • Mapskills
  • Rivers
  • Settlement
  • Brazil

Year 8

  • Industry
  • Environment
  • Population
  • Kenya

Year 9

  • Tourism
  • Earthquakes and Volcanoes
  • Japan


Geography is a very popular GCSE option. At GCSE we follow the AQA specification A. This covers the following topics:

  • Population Change
  • Changing Urban Environments
  • Tourism
  • Water on the land
  • Ice on the land
  • The restless earth

Fieldwork is an essential part of the course and includes an urban and river trip locally to build upon pupils’ studies.